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Value Proposition


Bazaar Ventures assists both large enterprise and small, fast-growth businesses to increase revenue and profit margins while also improving quality and customer satisfaction rates.

We examine all aspects of the corporate strategy, technical architecture, and operational processes, from the most complex to the most overlooked, to determine if business and customer requirements are being met in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.  Where bottlenecks, pain points, and inefficiencies exist, we help identify and implement new strategies and solutions for business process optimization and customer acquisition so a more optimum and profitable landscape can be re-engineered.

Value-Added Services

Bazaar Ventures offers Business Technology and Management Consulting services in San Jose and San Francisco Bay Area for senior executives, directors, and entrepreneurs looking to launch, expand, and/or perfect their product/service innovations and related business processes.

We assist results-driven organizations through all stages of their business maturity and modes of operation: 

  1. Startup Ideation ► Developing
  2. Rapid Growth ► Reactive
  3. Strategic Management ► Proactive
  4. Market Leading ► Transformative

Some of our areas of expertise include: 

  • Formulating and implementing custom-tailored executive management corporate strategies and roadmaps to improve key performance areas.
  • Identifying opportunities to increase (or sustain) market competitiveness, optimize revenue generation, and maximize profits.
  • Market viability analysis and market testing for new product development and professional services.
  • Re-engineering core intra- and interdepartmental operational processes for maximum efficiency and cost savings (Business Process Optimization).
  • Validating that all business and customer requirements are being met in the most cost-effective manner while also ensuring high quality and satisfaction rates.
  • Identifying and implementing solutions to address architectural gaps in the company's technology blueprint.
  • Project Management of complex IT business technology projects, such as new software system implementation, system migration / cutover planning, data conversion, interface development, custom application development, and more.
  • Bridging the language and knowledge gap between technical software developers and non-technical business unit owners.
  • Evaluating strengths and weaknesses in software application design, testing, quality assurance, and overall project management.
  • Managing external parties, including customers, vendors, business channel partners, and outsourced functions.
  • Developing and restructuring staff organizational charts to ensure optimum performance of all enterprise-wide functions.
  • Assessing the core strengths and weaknesses of staff to ensure resources are being utilized where they're most competent, engaged, and likely to produce successful outcomes.
  • Performing auditing, data mining, and analytical discovery projects to uncover problem areas that are off the radar with executive management.
  • Developing business cases and financial ROI models to guide decision-making for funding of key improvement projects.
  • Coordinating with key stakeholders and cross-functional teams representing various organizations, business units, departments, locations, and cultures.

Senior Executive Expertise


Over 15 years specializing in corporate strategy, operations management, process re-engineering, software technology, business rules and requirements, business/channel development, and vendor relations.

Our team has achieved impressive results at businesses of varied size and complexity, including at Fortune 500 companies, in Big 4 management consulting, and with fast-growth small businesses.  We are a trusted partner for small, mid-sized, and large enterprise organizations in need of renewed business strategy, requirements definition and analysis, project management, operational streamlining, and executive management consulting.


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